The Elite Bicycle, Portraits of great marques, makers and designers

Very proud to be included in this book.
The Elite Bicycle.

Forward by Sir Paul Smith.

Graeme and Gerard need no introductions, but I’ll put one anyway.

Graeme Fife has written for a wide range of publications including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, Rouleur, Cycling Weekly, and Cycle Sport. His books on cycling include Tour de France: Tour de Suffrance and Inside the Peloton.

Gerard Brown is a professional cycling photographer and an amateur racer. He contributes regularly to cycling and automotive magazines, including Privateer, Rouleur, and Octane.



The Elite Bicycle offers profiles of:

  • Independent Fabrication
  • Time
  • Richard Sachs
  • Ben Serotta
  • Chris King
  • Alex Singer
  • Seven
  • Brooks
  • Selle Italia
  • Ira Ryan
  • Reynolds
  • Cinelli
  • Tony Pereira
  • Columbus
  • Guru
  • Winter
  • Chas Roberts
  • Rourke
  • Cyfac
  • Faggin
  • Pegoretti
  • Condor/Paris
  • DiNucci
  • Spécialités TA
  • Sapim
  • Royce
  • Mavic
  • FMB
  • Continental
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One Response to The Elite Bicycle, Portraits of great marques, makers and designers

  1. Adrian Till says:

    So excited that ‘my’ frame is the one to be photographed in this book. I hope you are all satisfied that it shows off your amazing work – the publishers could have chosen any one of your frames, I know – a happy coincidence that mine was there the day they called I guess.
    The bike has been a dream to own; riding this up (and down!) Alpe D’Huez was one of the best days of my life.

    Cheers! Ade

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