Handmade Stainless and Titanium Wedding Rings

NEW Rourke Stainless and Titanium wedding rings

We’re pleased to say that we now make bespoke wedding rings. Yes it sounded it bit odd to me at first!! We had a few requests for wedding rings made from the stainless we build our Reynolds 953 from, as I found it interesting, I thought I’d make a couple. One for a customer that asked via a letter and one for our Chris who builds Rourke frames into complete bikes. We’ve had such a good response that we now will be making them to individually too each customer’s requirements.
The rings are mainly made from the inner core that gets taken out of the centre of a headtube in the build process. They are 17/4ph super high grade stainless that we use in the building of Reynolds 953 and Columbus Spirit framesets.

3 Stainless Rings

  Stainless wedding rings

Titanium ring in brushed satin finish


Polished Stainless Ring


If you are interested in a wedding or any bespoke stainless or titanium ring please email jason@rourke.biz

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