What size? The Rourke measure up service

Ordering a new bike can be a daunting task...
Your only worry about ordering a bike from us is, what colour will you choose?

Brian's Own Bike

Do you know what size you need?
What about geometry?
Frame angles?
Saddle position?
Stem length?
Or one of the many other things to think about?

Well theres no need to worry when ordering a Brian Rourke made to measure frameset or complete cycle. We will do all the hard work for you, and all completly free of charge.

With every bike from us we’ll spend as much time you require to get you the perfect bike. We’ll sort out all the dimesions of your new cycle and even if you are just having a frame we will still be on hand to advise with stem length etc. etc.

If you are a returning customer we save all previous frame data going back over 30 years so we can build a replica of your old bikes or perhaps build a mudguard or touring bike based on your race machine. If you’ve got a frame you love already we can take all those measurements and build a new one from those dimensions.

As with every frame fitting, Wayne will measure you up, occasionally Brian will be around too. Wayne has been doing all measure ups for the last couple of years, he has a wealth of knowledge in cycle design and learning Rourke ethos of frame size and geometry for the last few years, soaking up all the years of experience Brian can call on, as no one in the cycle world has more experience on frame and bike sizing. He does it all with real bikes so that he gets a true feeling for the balance of the bike and the customer gets a clear understanding of the sizes and geometry we advise. Over the years we have tried all the various fitting jigs, computers and technology but none come close to sitting you on true bike that we can alter in seconds by adjusting the frame size, stem length or handlebars etc. This way we don’t need to measure your arm length or inside leg. This takes away the guess work of trying to measure your limbs or other parts of the body that most other measure systems have to rely on.

Call 01782 835368 now for your measure up.

All the Paintwork at Brian Rourke Cycles is done in house, in our own paint shop by Jason and Scott. Choosing your style of bike, or what it will be made from is the easy part, as your colour options are limit-less, choosing your paint design will be much more difficult.

Choose any colour your can imagine

Rourke Frameset Pricing

Road frameset with race/sporty geometry including all standard braze-on fittings.
  Tubing Forks Price
  Reynolds 631 Oversize Carbon from £995
  Reynolds 631 Super Oversize Carbon from £995
  Reynolds 853 Oversize Carbon from £1089
  Reynolds 853 Super Oversize Carbon from £1120
  Reynolds 853 Pro Team Oversize Carbon from £1139
  Reynolds 853 Pro Team Super Oversize Carbon from £1270
  Reynolds 953 Stainless Oversize Carbon from £1745
  Reynolds 953 Stainless Oversize Race Carbon from £1950
  Reynolds 953 Stainless Super Oversize Race Carbon from £1820
  Dedaccai Zero Carbon from £1169
Road frame geometry, but built with extra brake clearance and mudguard fittings.
  Reynolds 631 Oversize Carbon with M/Eyes from £865
  Reynolds 853 Oversize Carbon with M/Eyes from £999
  Reynolds 953 Oversize Carbon with M/Eyes from £1655
  Dedaccai Zero Carbon with M/Eyes from £1079
Track or Fixie      
  Reynolds 631 Oversize Carbon from £815
  Reynolds 853 Oversize Carbon from £949
  Reynolds 953 Oversize Carbon from £1599
  Dedaccai Zero Carbon from £1029
Mountain Bike Frame only    
  Reynolds 631 Oversize   from £885
  Reynolds 853 Oversize or SOS   from £1019
Rourke handbuilt forks
  Reynolds R Butted   from £215
  Reynolds 853   from £245
  Reynolds 953   from £345
Please call for a quote for tourers or any other frameset.

Price includes free measure up. We spend as much time as you require to make you the perfect frame. 
Prices also include one colour paintwork.

Complete bikes

Sean Kelly's Cat and Fiddle Ride

We offer fantastic deals on components when buying a frame made specifically for you. Because of this do not go off the prices of components on the website as they are for individual components.

The best thing to do is ring the shop on 01782 835368, have a chat and get a quote from us.

If you are having a Rourke frame built, Wayne will go through various build up options with you and will do a fantastic deal for you on the components you choose.

We offer numerous component choices and options with a few being - Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, Mavic, Hope, Easton, Ritchey and Chris King.

If something is not listed on the website it does not mean we can't get it.

Please call Wayne on 01782 835368 or email wayne@rourke.biz
for a quote or to book a measure up appointment,
Or Fill out the form on our contact page.